Where to Eat

Block Island has many great sit down restaurants and takeout options. From world-class seafood and international options to affordable burgers and wraps, the options on Block Island are actually plentiful for the small 3 x 7 mile island. Here are some of our suggestions for your different desires while visiting.

Where to Stay

Block Island has the most Victorian-era hotels of any vacation location on the Eastern seaboard. Block Islanders pride themselves on their preservation efforts and make sure new houses on the island are built with a historic look and style. Some of these hotels are more than 150 years old and were built by pioneers of the gold rush. They have all been restored to provide modern accommodations but still give you a historic and authentic feel.

Nightlife on the island

Block Island has one of the best nightlife scenes in New England! You will find live music playing every night with special events all summer long from comedy shows to eating contests. Start your night off by grabbing a famous mudslide or amazing mixed drinks at almost any of the island bars and then head to the "tri-bar" area in the middle of Town for a live music scene and dance the night away!

Block Island Overview and Ordinances

Block Island is home to one town, the Town of New Shoreham. The town is governed by a town council, headed by the First Warden, and managed by the Town Manager. There is a police force of seven officers in the summertime and four year-round; also in tow is the local police dog. In the summer months the Rhode Island State Police are also on the island.

Fun Island Facts

Incorporated in 1672 as the only town on the island of Block Island, New Shoreham is the smallest town in the smallest state in the United States. Here is a list of fun facts about the Island!

History of BI

Block Island has a rich past filled with very interesting historical events. Learn about the development and evolution of the smallest town in the smallest American state!