Mohegan Bluffs - Mohegan Trail & Payne Overlook

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Mohegan Bluffs New Shoreham New Shoreham

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The Mohegan Bluffs are an absolute must-see while visiting magical Block Island! The view from the 200-foot cliffs along Mohegan Trail, the island’s southernmost road, is beyond belief. Before descending down the 141 stairs to the beach below, stop and be amazed by the breathtaking view - sprawling deep blue ocean dotted with the country’s first offshore wind farm, and in the distance, you can see Montauk Point, on Long Island, NY. Take a picture at this iconic spot! 

On the shores below, enjoy a more private beach escape tucked below the remarkable cliffs. Lounge in the sun, take a nice barefoot stroll or bring along your surfboard to shred some waves. Keep in mind the only way down to the beach is by the main stairwell. We advise bringing your beach gear with you and packing lightly as the ascent back to the top is steep and breathtaking in a whole different way.