Virtual 45th Annual Run Around the Block

Center Rd New Shoreham New Shoreham

Saturday, September 12 2020

This may be the longest run around a block on record. That’s because the particular block in question is actually Block Island, a little piece of paradise just 7 miles long and 3 miles wide off the coast of Rhode Island. And you’ll see most of its beauty — rolling meadows, stone walls, sparkling ponds, towering cliffs —during the Run Around the Block, a 9.3 mile (15K) journey around this stunning island where more than 45% of the area is conservation land.

The race starts at 11:45 am on Saturday, September 12. For locals, September is their favorite time of year. The days are still long, the water is still warm, and the summer crowds have thinned out since Labor Day. Most island businesses will still be open, so you’ll find plenty of places to eat, drink, relax and shop before you make the trip back to the mainland.

Run Around the Block has a fairly late starting time, so runners coming over that morning have plenty of time to catch a morning ferry and make it to the race on time. Free bus transportation will take you from ferry to race and back again.

Registration costs $30, and pre-registration is available at www.active.com.