Instructions for Workers to Register for an Essential Activity

Written on 04/19/2020
Chamber & App Team

Directions for registration as an essential worker under the Emergency Ordinance of the Town of New Shoreham in effect through May 8, 2020:

This permission is only for those workers associated with essential activities as described in the Town of New Shoreham Emergency Ordinance, which can be found at

Prior to arriving on Block Island, an essential worker, and the name of the company if applicable, must be registered with the Town of New Shoreham as described below.

Registration will be via email or phone within the hours of 9:00 am to 7:00 pm - daily (no hard copies will be accepted). Emailed scans or photos of the completed form are acceptable. An email with the required information is also acceptable.


Phone: Jenn Brady (401) 935-8794

If you email your registration, you must receive an “approved” email prior to going to a job site.

Each visit requires a registration. Or an updated notification to the land-use officer.

Each job site can have no more than two workers on it. They must be listed on the registration.

Concerns about enforcement call:

Building Official Marc Tillson (401) 215-6767

Land Use Administrator Jennifer Brady (401) 935-8794

Town Manager Jim Kern (401) 466-3210


Essential Activity Registration Form