Where to Stay

Block Island has the most Victorian-era hotels of any vacation location on the Eastern seaboard. Block Islanders pride themselves on their preservation efforts and make sure new houses on the island are built with a historic look and style. Some of these hotels are more than 150 years old and were built by pioneers of the gold rush. They have all been restored to provide modern accommodations but still give you a historic and authentic feel.

The island also has many beautiful bed and breakfast locations  and Inns spread across for visitors looking to get away for a few days or weeks during the summer season and beyond. From houses overlooking the North Point to houses on the southern bluff cliffs the options for getaway spots are endless. 

If you want to stay on island for an extended period of time, Block Island has a large selection of rental properties that will provide you with homes for weeks at a time or even for the full summer season. Get in touch with one of the local Real Estate Agents on the island to find your perfect home away from home and enjoy it with your family and friends like a true islander.

Whether you want to find solitude or action, Block Island has many rental options for a secluded hideout or a place in the center of town. For specific information on all the places to stay on Block Island click the following links:




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