Where to Eat

Block Island has many great sit down restaurants and takeout options. From world-class seafood and international options to affordable burgers and wraps, the options on Block Island are actually plentiful for the small 3 x 7 mile island. Here are some of our suggestions for your different desires while visiting.

Looking for fine dining? 

If you're feeling fancy and want to have a quality meal, Block Island offers some great options with top of the line chefs. Enjoy tuna nachos and some of the best Asian inspired food you'll ever have at the island's Asian restaurants which also offer a laid-back, cozy vibe located in the center of the local town. For some beautiful presentation and elegant style, the island has a large selection of fine dining establishments to get your fill of fine cuisines. For some excellent Italian cuisine, there are a few Italian restaurants to satisfy your pasta and pizza cravings, If you came to Block Island to try some seafood you will not be disappointed, The island is known for its world-class seafood restaurants located across the island with many of them perched above the shoreline to enjoy a great sunset dinner.

Looking for affordable options?

If you're traveling on a budget, Block Island still has a few great options for you! Enjoy a juicy burger and local craft beer at a variety of local American  restaurants. Craving some great Mexican tacos or burritos? The Island has you covered with a few Mexican restaurants. Need a drink and some cheap grub? Want to play some pub games, listen to live music or jukebox hits, and enjoy some inexpensive food? The island's many pubs have you covered! 

Looking for a quick bite?

If you're in a hurry or need sustenance fast,  the island has a few great takeout restaurants where you can grab amazing wraps, seafood dishes, and classic American meals (there are even some spots open late night on the weekends to satisfy your cravings after the bars close). Recently a few food trucks have popped up across the island which is perfect to satisfy your quick cravings when you're across the island and not in the down town area. 

Looking for seafood?

If you want some world-class seafood you've come to the right place! Make sure to stop by the variety of restaurants in Old Harbor for some of the best lobsters caught right off of Block Island. For some delicious from the sea choices overlooking New Harbor you also have a variety of great options to enjoy the local catch. For one of the best lobster rolls you've ever had, there are many establishments ready to serve you while you enjoy the sunset and sip a cocktail.

Looking for breakfast?

Need some breakfast on the island? If you just got off the ferry there are a few breakfast spots and cafes within walking distance to fill up before a big day of activities. If you flew to the island there are also some restaurants near the airport to get an authentic Block Island breakfast or lunch special. In town, there are also some fantastic breakfast places to get a delicious bagel, quiche, breakfast bowl, smoothie, juice, or coffee to really get your morning going. 

Looking for sweets?

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth there are a few candy stores in the middle of town with a huge assortment of candy and fudge options. For some colder sweets on a hot day head to the ice cream shops on the island and choose from a large selection of delicious ice cream, soft-serve, and gelato options. 

Looking for groceries?

If you need to stock up on food for the week or are craving a deli sandwich, there are a few grocery stores on the island. Some grocery stores  offer a variety of organic options and cheap breakfast sandwiches to get some healthier supplies for your packed lunches.

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