BI Virtual Tip Jar

Written on 04/01/2020
Chamber & App Team

The State of Rhode Island has ordered all bars, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses to pretty much shutter. Many of our friends and neighbors depend on tips to make ends meet. 

This is where you can consider sending a “tip” to your favorite bartender, server, stylist, barber, or other service workers to their Venmo or Paypal account. Use the google sheet linked below to find their Venmo/Paypal info.  The money goes directly to them.


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Add your name to the list.


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Thanks for everyone's help! 

The information on this list is self-reported by members of the community and this information is provided “as is”. We do not monitor or verify the accuracy of the information on this list and make no representations or warranties regarding this list. Individuals who wish to send a tip are encouraged to independently verify the legitimacy of the recipient of the tip. Include “Tip Jar” in your tip description.

If you don’t know or recognize anyone on the list, we encourage you to do a random act of kindness and choose someone at random.