Get the Funk Out Laundry

Water St New Shoreham Washington County

Get the Funk out laundry and dry cleaning is a cleaner, full service laundromat

For the residential customers, they have a pick-up and delivery service. “We offer unlimited laundry packages, with one monthly charge, for as much as our clients can get into a 50-pound bag,” said Turcone. They're on Block Island once a week.

Get The Funk Out will also come to your business. “What we do is go to your work, set up a space and all your employees can bring their dry cleaning to work. People love it,” said Turcone.

Turcone said the company has a pickup van on the island now — it’s easily seen by its wrap-around logo. “We’ll be working all year long picking up laundry at residences, hotels, restaurants, inns,” he said. The laundry will be taken off-island, cleaned, and returned.