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Four states have put travel restrictions on people traveling from Rhode Island back to their home states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Please read the following:


Rhode Island is still in Phase 3 of business reopenings.

· Travel: Rhode Island will implement a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone coming to Rhode Island from any state with 5% or greater positivity rate. (Positivity rates are calculated using the average daily positivity rate for the last seven days.) As an exception, people will not have to quarantine if they have had a negative COVID-19 test within the past 72 hours. (If someone is tested after arriving in Rhode Island and gets a negative result, that person can stop quarantining.) The list of states with a percent positive rate of 5% or higher will be published today on RIDOH’s website and will be updated weekly. List and link here - Here is the updated list of states with travel restrictions.

To be exempt from the order, a state must keep its positive test rate below 10 per 100,000 people and its seven-day average of positive tests below 5%.

· Social gatherings: Social gatherings can be no larger than 25 people indoors or 50 people outdoors. For social gatherings like weddings where there is a licensed caterer involved (which makes the setting more like a restaurant) gatherings can be as large as 50 people indoors or up to 100 people outdoors.

· Public events: Public events can be up to 125 people indoors or up to 250 people outdoors. Any organizers planning to host a group of more than 100 people will need to submit plans to Commerce RI.

· Indoor settings: All indoor settings operating at a square footage capacity can increase up to one person per 100 square feet, provided that everyone maintains six feet of social distance. All indoor settings currently operating at a percent capacity cap can still increase up to 66% capacity provided that everyone maintains six feet of social distance. This includes places like offices and restaurants. Seated venues can open at up to 66% capacity, and free-flowing venues can open at 100 square feet per person, provided that everyone maintains six feet of social distance.

The following executive orders will be extended to August 3rd:

Face coverings: Face coverings must be worn in public—both indoors and outdoors—whenever six feet of social distance cannot be maintained. Exceptions are made for children under two years of age and anyone whose health would be negatively impacted by wearing a face covering.

Telemedicine: Health insurers must cover telemedicine for primary care, specialty care, and mental and behavioral health care conducted over the phone or by videoconference. Reimbursement rates for providers must be the same as reimbursement rates for in-office visits. 

Disaster declaration: The state of emergency declaration ensures that Rhode Island has access to all the necessary resources to support our response to this pandemic.

Firearms: In keeping with a request from the Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association, the Governor has extended the time period that law enforcement has to complete a background for a gun permit from seven days to 30 days.

Quarantine: People must follow the State’s quarantine and isolation guidance

The Island is following the state guidelines so we are in Phase 3 of reopening.   Here is a quick update.

Ferries - Ferries are running with a limited schedule and limited capacity.  Masks are recommended for all passengers.  Specific ferry details.

Beaches - Beaches are open but you must follow social distancing guidelines.  Beach visual guidelines

Restaurants - Many restaurants are opening up for takeout and limited seating dining.  Restaurants visual guidelines.  Here is a list of restaurants that are open.  

Grocery Stores -  The BIG and The Depot are open.  Both require face masks and social distancing. Store Hours & Details.

Shops - Retail stores are opening but require face masks and social distancing.  List of shops.

Salons - Salons are open but limiting the number of people at any time.  Visual guidelines.

Hotels & Inns - Hotels and Inns are opening.  We recommend you call or check the website of the specific hotel or inn of interest.  List of island hotels & inns.

Moped & Bike Rentals - Moped, bikes, and cars are available for rent.  We ask that you reserve ahead of time for the best and safest experience.  Rental details.


The Block Island Chamber of Commerce has distributed PPE from the state to local business owners to help make everyone's experience safer.  We all ask that you wear face masks when appropriate and practice social distancing.