Dorry's Cove

Dorry's Cove Rd New Shoreham New Shoreham

Dorry’s Cove is a small remote beach most visitors are unaware exist. Dorry's cove is a black-sand beach. Dorry’s Cove is a spectacular spot to view Block Islands famous sunsets. The waters are calm and access to the cove easy. Dorry's cove is a great place to relax and find some space away from the more crowded beaches!

Hike northward, and you will approach a second cove, Grace’s Cove. Grace’s Cove has numerous unique stones and driftwood. Great place for kids to explore!

Parking is available at the end of Dorry’s Cove Road, a dirt road off West Side Road, however, drive carefully the dirt road is very bumpy. It is uncomplicated to bike to these destinations as well.